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Preparing for Surgery

Pre-Operative Testing

Your doctor and/or anesthesia provider may order pre-operative testing which may include lab tests, EKG and chest x-ray, which will need to be completed prior to your day of surgery.

Pre-Operative Nurse Consultation

  • A nurse from Kaizen Surgery Center will contact you by telephone for a pre-admission consultation.  The nurse will review your medical history, including any allergies, or prior surgeries.

  • Your medications will also be reviewed including prescription medications, vitamins or herbal supplements, and any other over-the-counter medications you may take.  Be prepared with a list of your medications include the dosages or have the actual bottles available.

  • During the pre-admission telephone call, the Kaizen Surgery Center nurse will give you pre-operative instructions for pre-surgical showers with specialty soap, medication, fasting instructions and where and what time to arrive at Kaizen Surgery Center.

  • It is important that you follow these instructions exactly, so please feel free to ask questions.

After Midnight the Day of Surgery

  • Do not smoke after midnight the day of your surgery.

  • Do not eat anything (including gum, mints, hard candy), after midnight the day of your surgery. Undigested food in the stomach can cause complications and your surgery is likely to be postponed.

What to Bring the Day of Surgery

  • Bring all insurance cards. It is important for us to have all the current and correct information.

  • Bring a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license.

  • Bring your form of payment, if required.

  • Bring a copy of your consent forms and an Advance Directive if you have one.

  • If you take insulin, bring the bottle of insulin and syringes with you.

  • Arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you to the center, receive discharge instructions, and drive you home. You must have someone stay with you for the first 24 hours following surgery.

  • Leave all jewelry, cash and valuables at home. We cannot be responsible for their safety.

What time to arrive at Kaizen Surgery Center?

  • The afternoon of the day before your surgery day, a Kaizen Surgery Center nurse will call you to provide you with your arrival time and directions to the facility.

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