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Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery, please arrive with your caregiver who will remain with you for the next 24 hours.  The caregiver must be an adult age 18 years or older.


Parking is available in the same lot as the surgery center.


After signing all of your paperwork, you will be called back to the pre-operative area.  In this area, our nurses will prepare you for surgery.  You will be asked to change into a special surgical gown and place your belongings in a patient belongings bag that we provide.  Please don’t bring any valuables with you.  If you feel you must bring a valuable, such as jewelry, watches or wallets, please give these to your family member for safe keeping.  The nurse will prepare a list of all belongings you have placed in the bag.


In the pre-operative are, the nurse will confirm your identity, review your medical history with you, perform a physical assessment, and ask you to sign the consent for surgery, if not already completed at the pre-admission visit.  Don’t be surprised if you are asked to give your name and date of birth many times throughout your stay.  We do this for your safety, to assure that we are giving the correct medications and performing the correct procedures on the right patient.

One friend or family member will be allowed in the pre-operative area with you after the nurse has finished preparing you for surgery.  Friends/family member are not allowed in the operating room.

While waiting to go to the operating room, you will be visited by your surgeon as well as the anesthesia provider.  Your team will review the procedure being performed, the risk of anesthesia, mark the surgical site and develop a plan with you.  Site marking is done to assure that the proper procedure is being performed on the correct side.

Please be sure to ask any questions. 

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